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Why Do I Always Get Tired Around The Same 1-mile Mark Whilst Running?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

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I recently got asked ‘I have been running 3 times a week for over 6 months and I still get very tired around the 1-mile mark, and I struggle to continue with my run? How do I improve if I want to run my first 3 miles?

So I would be concerned about this. Over 6 months of running and still getting tired after about ten minutes of running continuously?

These are the only things that I think it could be:

First, have you had a blood test? Get one

If your iron/haemoglobin levels are off, you might fatigue very easily. Anaemia will destroy your endurance.

Second, are you overweight?

If you are, that’s probably going to be a better area to focus on, and it’s safe to say that running more isn’t going to be the answer. Look at your diet.

Third, are you running hard enough?

If you aren’t pushing yourself, you’re not going to adapt by becoming stronger and getting better endurance.

Fourth, are you running too hard?

If you start every run like a race, it’s kind of expected that you’d be tired after the 1-mile mark. Pace yourself.

Fifth, and most curious of all, why 1 miles?

Is there a hill at 1 mile into your run? Is there an ice cream shop that tempts you into stopping?

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