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9 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Online Personal Trainer

When it comes to finding a bespoke fitness plan, an online personal trainer is a great place to start. The traditional world of personal training is centred around you visiting a gym with a trainer, which is not a suitable arrangement for many. After the pandemic, with everyone going online for all types of services, this opened up online personal training services and showed what was possible. Now, you’re able to have all the benefits of having a personal trainer in a setting that suits you best.

No matter your goal, there is now a system and dedicated trainer that can help pursue your goals and pass on expertise without the factor of distance playing into it. While it’s all well and good saying this, it’s super important to explain the benefits of hiring an online personal trainer and why this option may suit you best.

1. Expert knowledge

It’s no surprise that personal trainers are well equipped with knowledge within the fitness industry. However, depending on a client’s personal goals will depend on the type of trainer you are looking for. Many personal trainers are experts within certain fields and for instance, if you’re looking to lose weight, it’s important to find a trainer who has experience in this area.

By looking for an online coach you’re not limited to the PT pool within your local area, you’re able to explore and connect with the most suited personal trainers for your goals, no matter the location.

2. Complete Freedom

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an online personal trainer is freedom. You’re not expected at the gym every Wednesday 7am, instead you can pick and choose what days and times work for you. This option is incredibly popular with shift workers such as nurses or factory workers.

Each client can have their unique plan and work to it around the daily stresses of life. You can work when you’re motivated and have the time available, minimising the likelihood of skipping sessions or falling off the wagon.

3. The Workouts

While you’re not hitting the gym with your online PT, you will still have a personalized fitness plan of action. This will be tailored specifically to your goals and fitness levels.

An online trainer will then be able to monitor your workouts and/or nutrition and provide you with expert advice moving forwards. Their knowledge is literally at your fingertips and while you’re not seeing them in person, you’ll still receive that personalized performance plan that will help you reach those all-important goals.

4. Round-the-clock-support

Online is instant and if you’re not sure about something, you’re only a couple of clicks away from expert help. If you’re unsure of your kettlebell deadlift form, or unsure how to go about facing a new machine at the gym, all you need to do is reach out to your online trainer. It’s as easy as sending a message or a video, and you’ll have an expert reply to you directly as if you were in the gym with you.

5. Cheaper than Face-to-Face PT Sessions

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an online personal coach is the cost. On average to hire a personal trainer face-to-face in the gym will set you back between £30-£100 a session.

Online trainers are a cheaper alternative. With multiple bespoke training plans, there is no limit to how many times you can use these plans, let alone workout, all for a set price. An online coach will keep your money and your body in a good state.

6. A Program

When you’re in the gym on your own it can be hard to keep to a strict program or know which workouts you want to do each day. By having a trainer-approved personalized program, you can feel confident that all of your work has been designed to help you meet your goals and will work well with the other workouts within your plan.

This process removes the planning process from your side so you can focus on other things rather than what workout you fancy doing today.

7. Accountability

One of the biggest commitments when on a fitness journey is finding motivation and holding yourself accountable. With online personal training, you hold the reigns. No matter where you’re located, it’s down to you to make the changes and implement the plans. You’ll have the support and advice from your trainer but the actual hard work comes directly down to you.

So being honest and making those all-important changes is all down to you.

8. Trackable Results

Having everything online means that measuring progress needs to be tangible. As your trainer isn’t physically seeing you every week, you will need to record your results by other means. Whether it’s taking measurements each week or stepping on a scale, you will need to record this for your online PT to see and provide feedback.

Again, by doing this process, you will be holding yourself fully accountable and will have a true reflection on your progress. All of which can be full tracked and analysed over some time.

Should you be interested in discovering the benefits of online personal training, get in touch to discuss the best option for you and have a free consultation.


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