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Why should I hire a Personal Trainer?

Investing in a personal trainer is a great opportunity to take your personal fitness goals to the next level. With bespoke training programmes and nutritional advice, you can ensure you receive the best support and training that’s suited just for you.

Some people are happy to follow their own programme in their own time and place; for those who lack the time, or the motivation, or the energy to train effectively on their own, a Personal Trainer can be the answer. The support, advice and encouragement comes with safe exercise technique to help you avoid injuries.

How do I start training with you?

Get in touch! From there, we can arrange a consultation to discuss your individual goals and needs. However, it’s important to remember that training is a commitment that you will need make to see real results.

Where do you train clients?

We have a fantastic home-gym with a vast range of equipment from cardio machines to a squat rack. Sometimes we are able to do home-visits depending on times and location. However, we also offer online and virtual training if you feel this would be more suited for you.

Will I need to go to the gym?

You will need to commit to training outside of personal training sessions if you want to see results! Many clients utilise gyms, however, if you have your own equipment or enjoy running, having a gym membership is not essential.

How often do I need to train?

To see results you will need to be training outside of your PT session. When we create a bespoke plan for you we can work out what will be the required amount for you.

How much do you services cost?

Our prices range depending on the service you’ve booked. If you get in touch with us we will let you know the prices and if there are any offers for booking a block of sessions available.

What happens in a Personal Training session?
A standard PT session is one-hour long, this does not include a warm up - so make sure you arrive early! Within a session you could do anything from circuits, padwork to weights. All sessions will be planned out beforehand specifically for you!

What if I’m not very fit?

That’s okay! The whole point of personal training is to help develop and achieve  client’s goals. In your consultation you will be asked about your lifestyle and any medical issues, so your trainer is aware of your fitness level. This will then be considered when creating your plan and your sessions.

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