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Online vs Virtual vs Personal Training: which is better?

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

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A question we normally get asked is what is online vs virtual vs personal training: which is better? So let’s start with what each of them does :

Online Training

Online Training is the most efficient and cost-effective way to your fitness goals. This would probably be the cheapest out of all the training methods, as your trainer is not with you in person.

Your trainer will guide you through nutrition, tailored exercise plans and weekly check-ins to ensure you are meeting your goals. All communication is done via a fitness app which can be accessed through a computer and your mobile phone.

You can train anytime and anywhere to suit your own lifestyle as opposed to being committed to a particular location and time to train. Pretty cool eh ??

Virtual Training

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual training has been very popular. It is the next fitness revolution. It is convenient for both trainer and client, as you wouldn’t even need to commute to a facility to train.

You have the same coaching as online, however with the extra added benefit of having ‘live’ training sessions via a mobile or computer link with your trainer. If you struggle with ‘motivation’ this would be a good choice.

Personal Training

Personal Training is a really hands-on approach where you meet your trainer at a specific location at an agreed time.

This type of training has all the benefits of the above Online and Virtual training systems, but also a more ‘hands on’ approach. The trainer is able to correct and guide you more thoroughly due to the one to one connection.

So what is the verdict, virtual vs online vs personal training: which is better?

In my opinion, Personal Training is the best option due to the connection, guidance, motivation and safety aspects. This leads to faster results no matter what your goals may be.

However, the beauty of Online and Virtual Training is that you can continue to have guidance and support when you are away from home, i.e business trips and holidays.

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